WonderPen Help


WonderPen provides a large number of personalization options, most of which adopt the nearest principle, that is, where you use it, set it nearby, such as word count related settings. However, there are also some setting items that do not have a suitable nearby location, so WonderPen also provides a special Settings panel.


The general settings panel looks like the image below:

The main options include:

  • Document library path
    Click the underlined Library Path to open the folder where the library is located.

  • Language
    Currently supported languages are: English, Simplified Chinese.

  • Automatically open the last edited library on startup
    By default, when WonderPen starts, it will open the library selection interface, in which shows recently opened libraries. If you check this option, the last library will be opened automatically when it starts.
    If you don't need to switch between multiple libraries frequently, you can check this to save some time.

  • Show the toggle button for outline view in top bar
    Whether to display the outline view switch button in the top bar, if you switch the outline view, you can select this to save some space.

The functions of the remaining options can be viewed in the text description on the interface.


The Appearance Settings panel looks like the image below:

Here you can set the theme, editor background, interface, editor font, etc.


You can choose a theme here. Currently available themes are:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Gray

More themes will be added in the future, and you can also adjust or set your own themes through the custom CSS function.

Background of Editor

You can also set the background of the editor. The editor background defaults to Auto, i.e. the editor's background will automatically change depending on whether the theme is light mode or night mode. If you want to change the background of the editor, you can choose Color or Image, where the image settings can be found in Custom Background Image.


The Advanced Settings panel looks like the image below:

In this interface, you can set the left column directory tree, document editing, Interface Lock, Document Template, Snapshot and Composition Mode, for specific settings, click the corresponding menu item to view the details.


The backup settings panel looks like the image below:

You can enable/disable automatic backup and set the time interval for automatic backup in this interface. You can also restore to a previous backup from this interface.

For details, see the description of Backup and Restore.