WonderPen Help

Document template

To use a certain document template when creating some fixed-format documents, such as daily newspapers, weekly reports, question-and-answer diaries, etc., is worth trying. If there is no template exists, WonderPen will try to model on the default template.

The template setting interface is shown in the following figure:

Document Template

You can create multiple templates, but only the selected template (the default template) will take effect when creating a new document (only one template can be selected at a time).

To create a new document from template, please do the following.

Below the directory tree on the left, click the ellipsis icon button to pop up the New from Template menu, select the template you want to use the template to create a new document, as shown in the following figure:

New from Template

If your left panel is arranged vertically, you can also click the ellipsis icon on the right side of the document title bar to create a new document from the template, as shown below:

New from Template