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Sync with cloud drive

WonderPen's data is stored in Library, which is actually a normal folder. Therefore, you can create a new Library, and put the folder in your cloud drive, then synchronize data between different devices through the synchronization function of the cloud drive.

Generally speaking, all kinds of cloud drives that support folder synchronization can be used, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. You can choose the one you are used to.


WonderPen will create a Default Library by default, you can view it in the Settings window, where Library Path is the path of the current document library. If you are using the default library, then the word Default Library will be displayed here, as shown below:

Default Library

If you are using another library, the library's name will be displayed here, as shown below:

Custom Library

Click the library name (the underlined part) behind the Library Path above to open the folder corresponding to the library.

It should be noted that the path of Default Library cannot be changed. If you need to use cloud drive synchronization, you need to create a new library.

Create a New Library

To create a new library, just click [Locate a Library] in the drop-down menu of the document library icon on the top toolbar, as shown in the figure below:

Locate a Library

After clicking, a folder selection dialog box will pop up, navigate to the cloud disk directory installed on your local machine here, select or create a new folder.

The following video is a demonstration under macOS + Dropbox, other operating systems and cloud disk operations are similar:

To put it simply, a library is an ordinary folder, just create a new folder under the cloud disk directory and use it as the directory of the new library, and then the content in the library will be synchronized through the cloud disk like a normal folder.

You can also copy an existing library folder to a third-party cloud disk directory, and then use Locate a Library to open it in WonderPen.

Sync the Library

After putting the library folder into the cloud drive, the modifications in the library can be synchronized via the third-party cloud drive. Synchronized content includes all data of this library, such as documents, notes, whiteboards, attachments (mainly pictures), backups, etc., does not include the content in Settings.

You can click Locate a Library in WonderPen on another device to open the library located in the cloud drive. If all goes well, data will be synchronized between different devices like a normal folder.

Some notes

When synchronizing data via third-party cloud drive, please note that there is a delay in the synchronization of the cloud drive, which may cause data conflicts. For example, editing a document on computer A and editing the same document on computer B before synchronization is completed may cause data conflicts. The specific conflict and processing rules (that is, which version will be retained in the end) depend on the cloud drive.

In order to avoid data conflict, please wait until the cloud drive is synchronized, and then open WonderPen for editing.

When using cloud drive to synchronize data, the following operations may cause data conflict or loss:

  1. Editing the same document simultaneously on different devices may cause conflicts in the content of the document;
  2. Editing the directory tree structure of the document simultaneously on different devices may cause conflicts in the contents of the directory tree;

When using cloud drive synchronization, as long as you try to avoid editing the same document or directory tree on different computers before synchronization is complete, you will generally not encounter data conflicts. If a conflict has occurred, you can view the backup record, so it is recommended to always turn on automatic backup.

When synchronizing data with a cloud drive, please be careful to avoid data conflicts.