WonderPen Help

New Library

When starting for the first time, WonderPen will automatically create a default document library, and you can also create a new document library according to your needs.

Create New Library

In addition to the default library, you can also create multiple libraries. To create a new library, just click Open or Create Library in the drop-down menu of the document library icon on the top toolbar, as shown below:

Locate a Library

After clicking, a folder selection dialog box will pop up, where you can select the directory where the new library is located.

Check out the video demo below for more details:

In addition, in the File menu of the top menu bar, there are also Open or Create Library options, which are the same as the menu items in the above figure.


If you select a normal folder when create library, the new library will be created under that folder; if you select a folder whose name ends with .wplibrary, the folder will be treated as an existing library and open. When creating a new folder, you can also directly create a folder whose name ends with .wplibrary, such as Novel.wplibrary, so that WonderPen will directly use it as the root directory of the new library.

You can maintain all the writing content in one library and use different folders (nodes) to distinguish different works, or you can create multiple libraries and place different works in different libraries. Either way of organization is fine, it all depends on your habits.

The name of the library folder usually ends with .wplibrary.

It should be noted that when create a library by yourself, the library should not be placed in the installation directory of WonderPen, because WonderPen will clear the software installation directory during the process of uninstallation, reinstallation, or upgrade. If the library is placed in the software installation directory, it will also be deleted.

In general, it is not recommended to keep data files and program files together.

Do not place the library in the WonderPen installation directory.