WonderPen Help

Import text file

WonderPen supports importing text files (.txt, .md). You can import works in text format into WonderPen by clicking FileImport Text File in the top menu.

Import Text File

In the pop-up file dialog box, select the file you want to import. Note that currently only files in text format are supported, and the suffix must be .txt or .md .


WonderPen will try to automatically identify the encoding of the file to be imported, common encodings such as UTF-8, GBK, GB18030 can be automatically identified. If the encoding fails to be identified, please use other tools to convert the file to UTF-8, GBK, etc. first and then re-import it.

Import Settings

Split Chapters

If your file contains multiple chapters, you can turn on the "Organize documents into chapters" option, and WonderPen will automatically divide the file into multiple chapters, and each chapter will be automatically created as a new document.

By default, WonderPen will divide chapters by keywords such as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. If your file does not have these keywords, you can enter a custom chapter regular expression. Click the "Preview" button on the interface to view the results of chapter segmentation.