WonderPen Help

Highlight cards

When writing long works, we may often need to look up some reference information. For example, there are many characters in a novel, and we often need to give some equipment memos to some characters. This function can be realized by using the card function on the right column of WonderPen.

Card list

The following figure is an example of creating a character card:

Character cards

You can create a character card for each important character, and write relevant information memos, so that you can check it at any time during subsequent writing.

Highlight card

You can enable the Highlight Card function in the settings of the card list, so that when a matching card title appears in the editor, the relevant text will be highlighted, and the corresponding card will be displayed when you click it.

See the video below for details:

The function of highlighting cards is disabled by default, and you can enable it as needed. It should be noted that if too many cards are highlighted, it may affect the performance of the editor.

Right click to create a new card

In addition to pre-creating character cards in the card list on the right column, you can also directly select text in the editor and add new cards in the right-click menu.

See the video below for details:

In this way, when you need to create a character card for a certain character during the writing process, you don't have to leave the editor, and the operation process is more convenient.