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Welcome to the help documentation for WonderPen! In this document, we will quickly introduce the basic features of WonderPen, to help you get started quickly and easily.

What is WonderPen?

WonderPen is a writing software that is dedicated to providing an efficient and user-friendly writing environment for author users. You can visit WonderPen homepage to download and experience it anytime.

What are the features of WonderPen?

After years of refinement and polishing, WonderPen has many unique designs in terms of writing experience, including but not limited to the following features:

  • ❤️ Thoughtful editor
    WonderPen's editor has many thoughtful designs, such as one-click formatting, automatic replacement, typewriter mode, highlighted dialogue, and more, allowing you to focus more efficiently when writing.

  • 📝 Supports long-form writing.
    WonderPen's powerful document tree structure and export function make it easy for you to manage and organize long-form writing, whether it's writing a novel or a technical book, you can easily handle it.

  • ✍️ Reduce distractions
    Supports focus mode, minimalist mode, and other modes that hide irrelevant content, allowing you to reduce distractions and focus on creating.

  • ğŸŽ¨ Rich themes and customization
    Supports various themes, and the editor's font, line spacing, background, etc. can be adjusted. It also supports custom CSS, allowing you to create a personalized writing environment that suits your habits.

  • 📋 Card-style notes
    Supports adding card-style notes in the right sidebar card list, allowing you to record ideas anytime, anywhere, or refer to them during the writing process. It also supports highlighting reference cards in the editor.

  • 💾 Secure backup
    Supports various backup methods such as automatic backup, document snapshots, and manual backup, ensuring the security of your data and allowing you to write with peace of mind without worrying about lost drafts.

  • ☁️ Cloud Sync
    Supports cloud library, allowing you to synchronize your documents on multiple devices, so you can continue writing anytime, anywhere, whether at home or at work.

  • 🖥️ Local priority
    The currently opened cloud library also has a complete copy locally. Even if your device encounters a network failure, it will not affect your writing experience and will be automatically synchronized when you connect to the network again.

Is WonderPen suitable for me?

WonderPen is a powerful writing tool that can be used by writers, students, or anyone who loves writing to complete their work. However, no tool is perfect and WonderPen also has some limitations.

For example, WonderPen is good at:

  • ✅ Write a novel
  • ✅ Write technical books
  • ✅ Write academic papers
  • ✅ Write a diary
  • ✅ Write blog posts
  • ✅ Write short essays
  • ✅ Write simple graphic articles

WonderPen is not good at:

  • ❌ Complex rich text typography
  • ❌ Multi-person collaborative writing

Can I try it out for free?

Yes, you can download and use WonderPen for free. The basic functions of WonderPen are free. It also provides a 7-day free trial for Pro+ members. New users can click the "Trial" button on the account information interface to experience it.

What happens when the trial expires?

After the trial expires, some advanced features will no longer be available, but you can still continue to use the basic features of the software. Your local libraries will not be affected in any way, you can continue to view, edit and export your documents. However, the portion of the cloud libraries that exceeds the limit will be locked, but the copies that have been synchronized to the local are still available, and you can export your data at any time or convert a cloud library to a local library.

You can see Version Comparison for more information.

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