WonderPen Help


Click the Export button on the top toolbar to pop up the export panel.

Exporting to the following formats is currently supported:

  • Image (PNG)
  • PDF
  • Word (docx)
  • Epub
  • Web pages (HTML)
  • Text/Markdown

You can export only one document, or you can select multiple documents to export at one time, the latter is useful when exporting long-form works.

If you choose to export as text or webpage, and multiple documents are selected, you can choose whether to export as a single file or a folder. If exported as a folder, the file will maintain the structure in the directory tree.

Avoid exporting documents that are too long as image, which may fail.

In order to improve storage and retrieval efficiency, data is stored in JSON in the document library, but you can export data to text format at any time, and maintain the directory hierarchy (folder) relationship, so your data always belongs to you , you can easily migrate to other writing software if needed.