WonderPen Help


When writing in the WonderPen editor, following skills may help users increasing their efficiency.

Editor Toolbar

There is a toolbar at the top of the editor, and the functions of each icon are shown in the following figure:

The left and right arrows on the left represent back and forward in the document access history, similar to the browser's back and forward buttons.

The asterisk button on the right indicates starring (favorites), and the starred documents will appear in the Star panel (favorites panel) on the left for quick access.

The up and down arrows on the right represent switching up and down in the directory tree, that is, accessing the previous or next document in the directory tree.

The editor split button on the far right, after clicking, will split the editor into two, see the editor split instructions for details.

Adjust the Style

Move the mouse to the T-shirt icon in the lower right corner of the editor, and the editor style setting panel will pop up, as shown in the following figure:

Editor Settings

In this panel, you can adjust the editor's font, line height, margin and other styles to make the editor more in line with your habits.

Horizontal Line Background

You can also add a horizontal background to the editor, as shown above. It should be noted that when adding a horizontal line background, it is usually necessary to adjust the Line Height slightly larger, otherwise the text may look a little crowded.

Split the Editor

Sometimes, when we write, we need to refer to another document in the directory tree, or another part of the current document, or we need to refer to some information in the whiteboard, then we can split the editor to two parts.

Click the split icon in the upper right corner of the editor, or use the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + \ (Shift + + \ for macOS), you can split the editor into two parts. The currently active editor toolbar will be highlighted.

Split the Editor

Click the split icon again or press the shortcut key to close the inactive editor and return to the normal state.

In the editor split state, one of the editors can be set as pinned, as shown in the following figure:

Pin an Editor

Only one editor can be pinned at a time, and the pinned editor will not change with switching documents, but will always keep the current content for easy reference when writing.